Trails to Ride in the Piney Flats of Tennessee

There are so many places in Piney Flats Tennessee to get out and enjoy the fresh air. So if you are wondering- “what are trails to ride in the Piney Flats of Tennessee?”, then be assured that you have many options.

Hike for a Day


There are around three trails to explore for biking in Piney Flats. There are more trails for walking if a person does not want to go by bike. Some of them, like Devil’s Crossing, involve crossing streams at many points in the trail. This walking trail is very challenging and might provide a good break from biking one day.

Wheelchair Accessible Trail

wheelchairErwin Linear Trail is a mostly paved trail. It is four miles long and ends at South Industrial Drive and Old Fishery Road. It goes along ponds, wetland lakes, and the edge of the town of Erwin. This bike trail is perfect for people who have hybrid bikes and may not want to ride a rocky terrain. It also boasts to be wheelchair accessible. It is a beautiful option for anyone who likes biking near bodies of water.

Trail by Historic Sites

Kingsport Greenbelt is in Sullivan County. It goes along Holston River and Reedy Creek through the city of Kingsport. The trail is 8 miles long. It passes by Civil War sites and historic homes as well as mountainous areas. Be prepared on this path to want to stop a lot. A person will want to have a camera along if one wants to get a closer look at any of the historic scenery. This might be a good trail to ride over two days. A person can start at the start point and go to the middle, and then the next morning start at the end point. That means that a person will be riding 8 miles each day, which may be long enough for most tourists.

Short Trail along a Railroad

Wes Davis Greenway is in Sullivan County. This trail is only half a mile long. This is perfect for people that have kids along for the bike ride. Even the young ones will be able to complete this trail. It ends at Anderson Street and Melrose Street. The trail is paved so children will have no problem with their bikes. The children may like to get out and look at the Bristol car and the southern caboose that are in the middle of the park. Parking is available at the Bristol Municipal Center on the north side of Anderson Street.


Many Options

Finding trails in Piney Flats and in Sullivan County is easy due to the planning that went into the venture. Make sure to research parking spots thoroughly. Also, plan the trip accordingly and in line with one’s fitness. Do not be stuck on the trails at dark as this can be a more dangerous time with wild animals. Try to attach a bear bell to one’s bike to avoid startling the bears. Usually, wild animals will tend to stay away from loud noises.