How Can Riding a Bike Lead to Weight Loss?

People might wonder why they have to expend energy to get energy. And more importantly, why doing exercise can lead to weight loss. Sports and nature enthusiasts wonder- “how can riding a bike lead to weight loss?”.

Why People Eliminate Work-outs First when Stressed

These are all perfectly natural questions to ask. After all, when people get busy, the first thing to go is work-out plans. Even people who have always worked out without question before will eliminate biking and other activities when trying to save time. After all, they might have worked out all their lives and not seen a difference. But when people stop doing activities like riding a bike for years, the pounds can pack on.

Biking Increases the Metabolism

Biking, like all cardio exercise, can increase the resting metabolism according to Harvard’s medical publications. This resting heart rate is when the body is just lounging on the couch. When metabolism is lower, it is easier to gain weight from regular eating. Making biking an activity that one does two to three times a week can increase the metabolism for that entire week.

Biking is Cardio- the Number One Weight Loss Weapon

bikingBiking is an intensive cardio workout. The heart is pumping faster during this time, and the body is sweating. During this type of exercise, the body eliminates fat through the sweat glands. So if a person is sweating, then there is a high chance that the person is also removing fat at this time. So cardio really can be very good for a person. It’s okay to take that bike out and hit the trails. This will be the type of work-out that is enjoyable while providing excellent health benefits.

Fasting Helps Define Muscles

Adding a weight program with an exercise routine can help even more with body definition. Brad Pylon, has developed a program that defines how to combine fasting with a regular diet to efficiently lose pounds. Fasting and bike riding makes for excellent partners. The program is Eat, Stop, Eat.

Strong, Lean Legs

lean legsAlso, biking builds up the quads in the leg. These leg muscles will become leaner through more cycling. Just be sure to make sure to rest a day in between biking excursions to let the body build those muscles. Going biking every day will not give those muscles the time they need to repair. Otherwise, the person is just continually shredding the muscle. This is not the desired effect.

See the Countryside

Biking on trails is beautiful. It is a great way to see the countryside and enjoy national parks. A person should take care of themselves. Make sure to pack lots of water to account for all that sweat and fat loss. And enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the after-effects of having a leaner body.

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