Bikes and Fitness in Piney Flats Tennessee

Piney Flats

Bing Map of Piney Flats

The Piney Flats of Tennessee has an interesting history. The area is in the upper right corner of Tennessee and incorporates the cities of Bristol, Bluff City, Kingsport, and Johnson City. These towns are all in Sullivan County.


How the Flats Got it’s Name

wolf pack

Sometime after 1769, hunters started using “Piney Flats” to identify a hunting area. Packs of wolves infested the county and were destructive to farm animals. Hunters would encircle the area and drive the animals into the center where they could be killed. This information is in “Historical Sullivan” written by Oliver Taylor.


Great Trails

Today, there are many hike and bike trails in the flats.
Bikers have found the trails a great way to keep in shape and burn off calories. Bike clubs organize rides and provide a way for people to share their love of biking.

Twelve trails offer a variety of different experiences. Laurel Creek Trail is a 3-mile trail in the Cherokee National Forest showcasing natural woods and wildlife. An abandoned train track was converted into the Railroad Grade Road Trail. It is a 10-mile trail that goes thru small Tennessee towns.

Bike and Fitness

Riding a bike provides many fitness advantages. Riding is low joint impact and high cardiovascular activity. Perhaps the most significant benefit to bike riding is getting outdoors and enjoying nature and fresh air. Exposure to the environment is suitable for both physical and mental fitness.

Anyone can ride a bike. Most of us learned to ride around five years old, and many people are riding into their seventies and eighties. You don’t need a fancy bike, but saying that bikes can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want to pay. There are no rules, just have fun, enjoy the day, and reduce your stress.

If you are a person who dreads going to the gym, trail riding is for you.  The trails in Piney Flats, Tennessee are perfect for just about everyone.

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