What is the Piney Flats area of Tennessee?

The Piney Flats area of Tennessee has a rich history. Some people might know of this area for the beautiful trails and wilderness. Still, others might as- “what is the Piney Flats area of Tennessee?”. It is a question worth exploring because this area is a hidden gem.

Location, Location

Piney Flats is considered a part of Kingsport–Bristol for statistical purposes. Some parts of Piney Flats are along U.S. Route 11E highway. Jon King, part of the King family, still lives here. Edward King is considered one of the first residents of Piney Flats in 1720.


The town got its name as discussed in the previous post because it used to be part of the hunting grounds for various hunters. These hunters would work to enclose the prey by surrounding it in a circle. These farmers had to work together because the land was full of wolves. It was difficult to get rid of these wolves because they were vicious but bold. This was in part because the Indians would treat the wolves so well, so these predators got over their fear of man. Anyways, the hunters would meet at a specific spot, which they called “the flats.” And this is how Piney Flats got its name.

There is a school in the Piney Flats area for elementary and middle school students called Mary Hughes School. This school runs up to grade eight. Students at the time of completion will then go to Sullivan East High School. So tourists do not need to worry about the history of the land. This town is entirely safe for children and tourists.


mexican food

There are several restaurants in the area for bikers who are tired after a day on the trails. Los Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant serves authentic Mexican food. Giovanni’s is excellent Italian cuisine. And Boondocks Restaurant has some great traditional American dishes as well as cold beer.

A Museum for a Taste of the 1700’s

If people visiting the area want to explore the history of the land a little more, there is Rocky Mount Museum. Reviewers say that it is like stepping into the late 1700’s. The home was inhabited by the late Governor John Sevier. People can get a glimpse of what life was like for life was like in the Appalachian mountains for the early pioneers.

Where to Get Moonshine

moonshineAnother great day trip is to the East Tennessee Distillery. If a person likes moonshine, then this site is beyond compare. There are so many different flavors for patrons to taste. And the best part about it is that it is all made locally so a person could not get this variety at the liquor store.

There are many log cabins for rent in the area. Travelers can get a taste of what it is like in the Appalachian mountains. The average stay for a person is around $200 per night. However, having access to all the facilities is worth it.

As one can see, there are many beautiful and exciting areas to check out in Piney Flats. This makes adventuring in the mountains more exciting for tourists.

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