Bikes, Bikes, Bikes

If you want to hit the trails, but are unsure about how your bike will hold up, then do a little research first. The truth is, you don’t want to be stuck on the trails without a proper functioning bike. There are bikes to buy for trail riding, and then there are the ones that are better for city riding with paved roads.

Road Bikes

cannondaleWhen you look at trail riding, you want to be sure that you understand all of the types of bicycles that are out there. For example, a road bike is designed for flat pavement. You can tell that you have this bike by the smooth, skinny tires and the dropped handlebars. This type of bike will be lighter than other bikes. It is meant for racing on smooth terrain, not bumpy trails. In fact, if you try to ride a road bike on a path, you will find the ride rough and uncomfortable. So leave your racing bike at home if you are going to hit the wilderness.

Cyclocross Bikes

A cyclocross bicycle is ideal for a mix of terrains. The cyclocross bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. It can carry more weight than a racing bike can. Its tires are wider than the racing bike, which means that it can do trail rides. This bike also has the drop handlebars. However, this bike is not the best for trail riding. Imagine riding the terrain and always having to bend down over the handlebars. An excellent example of cyclocross is Monster Cross and Fuji Cross.

Other Speed Based Bikes

speed bikeTriathlon, track, and touring bikes are bikes best for speed. These are great for people looking to get to places faster. These bikes have very light weight frames, such as titanium, that can be very expensive. The lighter the weight, the faster the bike will go. Examples of these bikes are Cannondale, BMC, and Argon.

Mountain Bikes

Now onto mountain bikes. A person who wants to ride the trails will want to have a mountain bike. The handlebars are upright so that a person can ride comfortably without a lot of back bending. Also, the bike has a more substantial frame, and the gears are in the low range. This makes this type of bike perfect for peddling up those steep slopes. These bikes have shock absorbers and suspension. That means when a person is going over a bumpy trail; the person is less likely to be thrown off the bike. The bike will be much more comfortable on a long ride. Diamondback and Mongoose are examples of mountain bikes.

Hybrid Bikes for Casual Riders

A hybrid bike might be a good option for someone who wants to ride easy trails and roads. It has the highest handlebars. The seats are also usually more cushy with padding. A hybrid bike is not good for challenging mountain trails.

BMX Bikes

The other types of bikes range from BMX to the adult tricycle. By looking at these bikes, most people can tell that they would not be comfortable on mountain terrain. The BMX bike has a small carriage that makes it ideal for stunts and usually is ridden by younger people.

Trail Riding

Riding wilderness trails is ideal for getting exercise and enjoying nature. Know the trail that you are riding, and make sure that your bike is best for the terrain. Most trails give information about the difficulty and length of the trail.